Buck Mountain


Jedidiah Smith Wilderness, 2009

The sun sets on Buck Mountain, located in Grand Teton National Park, as seen from Alaska Basin. Alaska Basin is located in the Jedediah Smith Wilderness and part of the greater Caribou-Targhee National Forest. It is a popular backpacking destination and provides excellent views of the western edge of the Teton range.


Jansen creates true chromogenic photographic prints (often referred to as ‘c-type’ prints). Light-sensitive photographic paper is imaged with a digital enlarger, and then processed in RA4 chemistry to produce a continuous tone archival image.

Print Sizes

Most prints are available in sizes 11×14 inches to 40×50 inches (panoramic print sizes vary, but are usually available in up to 50 inches wide).

Print Finishes

SuperGloss: a high-gloss finish that adds unparalleled richness and depth. Best displayed under direct lighting conditions.

Matte: features the same rich tonal range and saturation as the supergloss, but without glare. It is suitable to be displayed without glazing (glass or acrylic) and exhibits a soft and smooth texture.